Call SIAC 2019

Call for admission to


ART. 1

The Department of Law of the UNIVERSITY OF STUDIES OF NAPLES “PARTHENOPE” announces a public selection based on qualifications for admission to the Short Intensive Academic Course in “Transparency and legality of civil servant activities: legislative and economic outlines from the EU-anticorruption experiences “(henceforth SIAC 2019) to be held from 15th to 26th of July 2019 every Monday to Friday at the Directorate for European Integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina. An analogous session is expected in summer 2020 in Banja Luka and a new call for admission will be launched in spring 2020.
The establishment and activation of the 1st edition of the Summer School – SIAC 2019 – is planned within the project “Stabilization and Integration Policies for the BiH Public Administration system – S.I.P.PA.S.” assigned and financed to University of Studies of Naples Parthenope, Department of Law, by the European Commission – Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina, in accordance with Grant Contract n. 2018 / 402-867.
Director of the S.I.P.PA.S. project is Prof. Alberto De Vita, Full Professor of Criminal Law in Parthenope University of Naples.
Course Coordinator of the S.I.P.PA.S. Project and SIAC Director is Prof. Fabrizio Rippa, Teaching and Research Fellow of Criminal Law in Parthenope University of Naples.
In the framework of the general objective of the Project, namely to support the integration process of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the European Union through the harmonization of the local public system with European principles and policies, the SIAC 2019 has the specific objective of providing to the students an intensive preparation on the main themes that fall within the scientific disciplinary sectors of Legal Sciences and Economic and Statistical Sciences (specifically named in Italian university glossary as Area 12 and Area 13). While attending the course, the students will use the knowledge and skills achieved by their work, improving the levels of efficiency, transparency and cost-effectiveness of the local public service and contribute in spreading the culture of legality.
The participation to SIAC 2019 is free of charge and it will be open for participation up to 20 citizens and civil servants of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Participants must also possess a degree (or an equivalent qualification obtained abroad), which is better specified in the Art. 4 of this announcement. The participants could also receive a contribution to cover travel expenses and accommodation expenses while participating in the training sessions.
The lessons will be held only in English.

ART. 2

The SIAC 2019 was planned with the specific purpose of allowing up to 20 civil servants of Bosnia and Herzegovina to implement their professional skills by attending an intensive training program designed to provide to its participants a broad-spectrum vision of the principles underlying the policies of implementation of the public administrative system and about the fight against corruption promoted more and more in the European panorama.
The purposes of this intensive training program is, in fact, twofold:
• Firstly, to match the objectives that, in the medium and long term, the Bosnian public system must aim to advance in its pre-accession path to the European Union.
• Secondly, a comparative exercise on some European experiences related to the reform of public administration and the fight against corruption and the most relevant national policy choices adopted by some Member States.
In this framework, the course will focus on the analysis of the corruptive phenomenon in the international context, in order to understand the reasons that led the European Union to ask the Member States and the countries in “pre-accession” the adoption and the implementation of increasingly stringent and repressive internal policies to combat corruption; and moreover, on the study of some European experiences (with a focus on the Italian one) on the prevention and repression of corruption and illegality in the Public Administration.

ART. 3

The SIAC 2019 is awarded 5 ECTS equal to 125 hours of total commitment per student, which includes 54 hours of lectures. Classes will be held exclusively in English.
There is a final assessment of profit evaluation.
The SIAC 2019 will take place at the headquarters of the Directorate for European Integration, rg BiH 1, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, during the last two weeks of July 2019, i.e. from July 15th to 26th, with an estimated commitment of about 6 hours per 10 days.
The mandatory attendance of the course must not be less than 80% of the total hours planned and the release of the certificate of participation in the SIAC 2019 will be subordinated, in addition to qualified frequency of the course, to passing a final verification.
The teaching plan is divided into 6 training modules as described below:

  SIAC 2019
Module 1 “PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION AND RULE OF LAW”: Elements of Public, International and European Law
Module 2 “PUBLIC ECONOMY AND PERFORMANCE OF THE PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION”: Outlines of Public Economy, European Economic Policy, economic and organizational-business studies
Module 3 “THE ILLICIT PRACTICES IN THE PA”: Features of Criminal Law and Administrative Criminal Law
Module 4 “INTERNAL ORGANIZATION OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION AND POLICIES TO PREVENT ILLEGAL PRACTICES”. Studies in the field of Criminal Law, Administrative Criminal Law, Labour Law and Criminal procedural Law
Module 5 “THE PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION SYSTEM IN ITALY AND IN BIH: A SHORT COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS”. Studies in matter of International and European Law, EU studies, Public Law, Labour Law, Criminal Law and Administrative criminal Law, Criminal procedural law.
Module 6 Final test, thesis or workshop.

The hourly part of the overall commitment load of the SIAC 2019 will be the following:

Modules Training activity
(in h)
Module 1 6 0.50
Module 2 12 1.00
Module 3 12 1.00
Module 4 12 1.00
Module 5 12 1.00
Module 6 6 0.50
TOT 60 5.00

The studies covered by the SIAC program will mainly concern the following disciplinary sectors:

ART. 4

Admissions are open to the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who fulfill by the deadline of the application, the following minimum conditions:
• A candidate must currently hold a permanent position as a civil servant in a Public Administration at any level of government in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
• A candidate must hold at least a Bachelor Degree obtained after a three-year program of study or an equivalent foreign qualification, as recognized by the respective Civil Service Agency, in accordance with its administration of employment.
• A candidate must be an English language user at least to the Independent User B1 Level, according to the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages” approved by the Council of Europe CEFRL.
• A candidate must not exceed the age of 45 years.

ART. 5

The professors from the University of Study of Naples Parthenope as well as professors from other universities and institutions, who are experts and specialist figures in the relevant scientific disciplines to be covered by SIAC training program, will conduct teaching.

ART .6

The application of admission, filled in according to the form attached to this invitation, must be received no later than 1.00 pm on the 20th day from the publication of the call on university official journal clearly reported together with this tender, by registered post or by hand delivery or courier, in a sealed envelope to one of the following address:

University of Studies of Naples “Parthenope” c/o:

Civil Service Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina / Agencija za državnu službu Bosne i Hercegovine
(Trg Bosne i Hercegovine 1, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Civil Service Agency of Federation of BiH/ Agencija za državnu službu FBiH
(Kulovića 7, Sarajevo 71000 Bosnia ed Erzegovina)
Civil Service Agency of Republic of Srpska/ Agencija za državnu upravu Republike Srpske
(Vladike Platona bb 78000 Banja Luka)
Subdivision for human resources of Brčko District / Pododjeljenje za ljudske resurse of Brčko District
(Bulevar Mira 1, 7610 Brcko District).

Each participant will send the application to the respective Civil Service Agency in accordance with his administration of employment.
Any application received after the deadline will be automatically rejected.
Applications sent by any other means (e.g. fax, email) or delivered to other addresses will be rejected.
The envelope, containing the application, must indicate externally the NAME, SURNAME and ADDRESS of the candidate and the following call reference of the course:


and the sentence:


The application is considered complete only if the following documentation is included within the envelope:
1) Application form filled and signed.
2) Curriculum vitae in English (European cv Europass format template is mandatory - signed by the candidate, completed with personal data, postal address, telephone numbers and e-mail address and skype contact.
3) At least B1 level English language certificate or, alternatively, a coherent signed self- declaration of B1 English language knowledge.
4) A copy of a valid identity document or a valid passport that certifies the BiH citizenship.
5) An employer commitment to authorize, in case of successful selection, the candidate to attend the course.

Incomplete unsigned applications, those lacking the personal data and those that for whatever reason, will be delivered after the call’s deadline or that do not comply with the procedure specified above will not be taken into consideration.
The following qualifications could be evaluated for selection if they are related to the subject of the course:
• other academic qualifications (Research Doctorate, Scholarships, Research Grants, Master degrees);
• post-graduate specialization courses, training courses, specialization;
• work and/or professional experiences, teaching and university experiences;
• knowledge of other foreign languages;
• professional qualifications.
The above elements should be attested by a signed self-declaration in English.
The Director of the courses will appoint a Commission, according the specification of art.7, to evaluate the applications. The Commission has the right to hold an interview to verify the declared competence levels or request the original/copies of documentations related to the self-declarations.

ART. 7

The following seats are reserved at least to:
• 3 for candidates belonging to Institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
• 3 for candidates belonging to Institutions in the Federation of BiH;
• 3 for candidates belonging to Institutions of Republic Srpska.
• 1 for candidates belonging to Institutions of Brčko District.
For each of the reserved seats a separate graded list will be prepared according to the following specifications:

Evaluation elements Score
Curriculum vitae, qualifications, training experiences and length of service max 50
Current job position max 40
Knowledge of English max 10

The weight element will be assigned coherently to the pertinence to the course fields. In the event of parity between two candidates, the younger candidate prevails followed by female gender.
Applications will be examined by a Commission appointed by the SIAC Director, and which will be composed of:
• 1 member designated by the Delegation of the European Union to BiH;
• 1 member designated by Civil service agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
• 1 member designated by Civil service agency of Federation of BiH;
• 1 member designated by Civil Service Agency of Republic of Srpska.
• 2 members designated by the Parthenope University
At the end of the selection, the graded list will be approved with university decision and the list of the candidates admitted to the course will be published on the project website; analogous information should be available on the websites of the European Delegation of BiH (, of the Directorate for EU integration of BiH ( and of the Civil Service Agencies (,,,, and on the Parthenope University website (
The candidates are admitted to SIAC under condition to follows the procedure specified in art 9.
All communications concerning the call and selection will be published on the project website, personal message will not be sent to the candidates and no responsibility could be addressed to SIAC organization in case of missed/delay of updates on local institution websites.
In the event that, at the end of the admission procedures, there will be a residual availability of places, the application to the course may be accepted, in chronological order, subject to verification of the admission requirements.

ART. 8

The SIAC 2019 could cover travelling and accommodation costs up to 15 students travelling far away from Sarajevo according the following table:

Benefit Distance
No allowance Less 30km
Daily refund of 0.30BAM per km traveled with own car or public transportation tickets
The total allowance cannot exceed 450 BAM
Between 31km to 70km
One return travel for week, calculated as refund of 0.30BAM per km traveled with own car or public transportation tickets
+ accommodation in Sarajevo
The total allowance cannot exceed 1150 BAM
More than 71 km

Distance is calculated on google maps from the DEI office to the place of work. In case of colleagues travelling from the same institution, the own car refund could be applied only to one of them.
The refund could be assigned:
• Up to 15 students, according to the graded list of art 7.
• Signing a self- declaration attesting that the cost was not paid from the employer institution
• Signing the refund request and delivering it, to SIAC secretary, together with the original supporting documents related incurred cost.
The refund will be placed with a bank transfer on a bank account belonging to the student within 30 October 2019.
The accommodation could be refunded, as part of total allowance, if incurred from Monday to Friday (4 nights) of each week.
No allowance for meals will be distributed but some finger food and beverages will be available for the lesson pauses.

ART. 9

Those admitted to the course, who have not confirmed the participation within 5 days according to the instruction published on the project website, will forfeit their participation to the course.
In case of above-mentioned situation, a waiting list will be prepared and announced based on the merit of the applicants.
If an attendee of the course does not come to the course regularly or it is proven that he/she does possess sufficient aptitude for carrying out the training project, he/she will not receive the certificate of attendance and completion of the course. He/she will not have the right to request the reimbursement of expenses incurred up to that point.

ART. 10

For responsibilities that are not directly attributable to the Academic Board, the Head of the Procedure (pursuant to law 241/1990) is the Department of Jurisprudence of the Parthenope University of Naples.
More information on the SIAC2019 can be taken from the project website or requests in English to the SIAC2019 Secretariat at the email address

ART. 11

The personal data transmitted by the candidates with the application will be processed for the purpose of managing the selection procedure. At any time, interested parties may exercise their rights according the EU Regulation 2016/679 (hereafter “GDPR”). More information on this aspect could be require to the SIAC2019 Secretariat at the email address

The deadline to apply for the tendering procedure for summer school “TRANSPARENCY AND LEGALITY OF THE CIVIL SERVANT ACTIVITIES: LEGISLATIVE AND ECONOMIC OUTLINES FROM THE EU-ANTICORRUPTION EXPERIENCES” connected to the EU project “Stabilisation and Integration policies for the BiH Public Administration system (S.I.P.PA.S)” is extended to July 12 at 12:00