The Master of Arts will be held in Italy, at the headquarters of the Parthenope University of Naples and will be open to 15 public servants of BiH.
The Master in “EU transparency and Corruption prevention policies within Public Administration” will last about one academic year and will consist of various teaching modules that will focus on the main topics concerning the public administration sector and its harmonization and integration with European principles.
The master program will mainly focus on economic and legal issues studies and the high level of training will be guaranteed through studies in the classroom and also practical activities.
A fundamental part of the program will focus on the study of the anti-corruption discipline which is one of the main objectives of the most recent European policies in order to align public administration with the European context. The analysis of the “corruption phenomenon” in the supranational landscape is finalized to understand the reasons that led the European Union to ask Member States and enlargement countries to adopt and implement increasingly demanding internal tools for the fight against the corruption.
The master course aims to promote the adoption of more effective tools to control the legality of the behavior of public employees as well as the identification of effectives anti-corruption strategies in the public administrative system.
The Master expected result is to encourage the use of preventive regulatory tools to make public employees and managers aware that they will be sanctioned at both disciplinary and criminal level for their illegal conduct and to inhibit illegal practices in public offices. The general objective of spreading the culture of legality in the performance of the local public service is also expected.

The Master Course will be held entirely in English and will be credited to the students following procedures for ascertaining their frequency and assessing the levels of learning achieved during and at the end of the courses.

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The deadline to apply for the tendering procedure for the first level University Master course “EU TRANSPARENCY AND CORRUPTION PREVENTION POLICIES WITHIN PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION” connected to the EU project “Stabilisation and Integration policies for the BiH Public Administration system (S.I.P.PA.S)” is extended to 5 SEPTEMBER 2019, h 1:00 pm..

We inform the potential candidates about the possibility to get salary during the training and the compatibility with the fellowship: different regulations exist within BiH about it.
To verify your case University Parthenope suggests to ask to the employer and/or the higher competent authority.