Master Diary – April report





Even April has come and passed!

If 2020 will always be remembered as the year of the global pandemic, April will be etched in our mind as the month of mandatory quarantine.

In April, both Italy and BiH (like many other countries in the world) had to deal with Covid-19 quarantine and that represented a real challenge for the survival of our Master, binding a close partnership of citizens of both countries.

Thanks to the positive opinion of the European Commission we were able to continue the course online. Therefore, the Master was transferred from the sixth panoramic floor of the Parthenope University of Naples to the Microsoft Teams platform and the time came for everyone to face the most difficult challenge: keeping the course and its interactive soul alive during the intense days of the online classes.

Our strategy was to start by doing first what was necessary and, then, what was feasible: we proposed the making up of the classes whose loss has been caused by the sudden interruption of our activities in March and, at the same time, we re-scheduled the calendar to avoid other class-droppings. This decision allowed us to stick to our program, since module 4 has been completed and module 5, on the topic of Public administration system in Bih, is still running.

Interesting and complex lectures were provided by experts from ANAC (Italian national anti-corruption authority), teachers from the University of Sarajevo and the Italian universities of Bologna, Turin, Salerno, Naples, Rome etc.

This great result was achieved thanks to the constant, professional and responsible collaboration of all the students, teachers and all the SIPPAS staff involved.

The online platform, which risked being aseptic and inhospitable, on the contrary, animated all the interactions, debates and exchanges of study material and opinions of the participants and became very similar to the “beloved” classroom on the sixth floor that we had to abandon due to the national provisions on the pandemic’s containment… Only the sea view has been lost, unfortunately, but we hope that, in the not too distant future, we will be able to get it back as well, and to enjoy it together with all those people who have contributed to keeping the course alive.