Master Diary – March report




The Third month of the Master course is finished.

The activities of the third month of the Master were severely tested by an international emergency, namely the covid19 pandemic, which hit Italy among the first States in the world.

The teaching activities that took place regularly in the classroom during the first week of March suffered a sudden but brief suspension when the Parthenope University, in accordance with the government’s extraordinary provisions, had to suspend all didactical and training activities.

The last class lesson took place on March 4. In the following days, when the course was stopped, all the SIPPAS staff collaborated with the Master Director and the Coordinator of the Course to find a solution and ensure the continuation of the lessons. And then, thanks to a synergistic effort of all the project collaborators and the students themselves, on March 19th the course started again with distance teaching. It is still ongoing and is delivered on the Microsoft Teams platform. Thanks to the precious collaboration of the teaching staff and students, this alternative method of study is proving useful and fruitful because the lessons retain their interactive soul. In fact, during the online lessons, students can intervene and establish debates in real time, both with the use of chat and by voice and the deepening of the lessons is stimulated through the sharing of teaching material and short recordings through the Teams platforms.

The lessons carried out in this phase were partly included in Module 3, on the subject of the illicit practices within and against the PA and partly included in Module 4 and concerned the themes of prevention strategies against corruption, of transparency, openness and efficiency of PA and, finally, on the issue of the responsibility and duties of public officials in their workplace.

The excellent result of this third month of the master course makes us all proud. It is thanks to all the staff of collaborators and professors who have not given up and, above all, to the master students who, although forced to face a sudden pandemic, have assured us of their frequency and collaboration with diligence, seriousness and spirit of adaptation.

Thanks to each of them this master is still alive and healthy.