The S.I.P.PA.S. – “Stabilization and Integration Policies for the BiH Public Administration System” project, funded by the European Union and implemented by University of Naples Parthenope; It lasts for 24 months and has a budget of EUR 500,000.

The main objective of the project is to support the integration process of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the European Union through the harmonization of the public administration with European standards and policies.

Achieving this goal is a necessary duty for Bosnia and Herzegovina which – along with other Western Balkan countries – has been identified as a potential candidate for EU membership during the June 2003 Thessaloniki European Council summit and, for this reason, has signed the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) which entered into force in June 2015.

The SAA is the fundamental guideline for implementing the process of BiH accession to the EU. The agreement, in fact, identifies common political and economic objectives and encourages regional cooperation; it progressively establishes a free trade area between the EU and BiH, and encourages the adoption of socio-economic reforms, justice and other areas of national policies, necessary for the European integration of the country.

Since the administrative structure of BiH is extremely complex (it is composed of 14 governments at different levels), the policies of cooperation and coordination with the EU must extend to all levels of government, in line with their respective competences, and these goals are considered both a challenge and a necessary condition for BiH future membership of the EU.

To ensure the effective achievement of the integration and harmonization of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the purpose of this specific sector, the EU strategy consists of helping public employees to acquire new knowledge on European integration, as well as to strengthen capacities and the existing skills needed to successfully complete the tasks derived from it.
The EU Commission identified a possible achievement through master’s programs specialized on main topics connected to European integration and short training courses and, to facilitate this process, has financed scholarship schemes for civil servants working on EU integration matters to complete abroad.

S.I.P.PA.S. Project has two peculiar tools: the establishment of two Summer schools and a Master of Arts course focused on legal harmonization/transposition of the European acquis, the European Monetary Union and the economy of European integration, EU Funds and programming of EU pre-accession assistance, Transparency and integrity policies within Public Administration system in BiH and anti-corruption policies.