SIAC Diary

115TH JULY 2019Giacomo PalombinoPublic administration and rule of law: the constitutional principlesPalombino Slide Gallery
115TH JULY 2019Valentina SpagnaSimplification, openness and transparency of administrative activitiesSpagna slideGallery
216TH JULY 2019Federica CacciatorePerformance, transparency and prevention of corruption in the p.a.Cacciatore slideGallery
216TH JULY 2019Matteo PozzoliManagement of public organizationPozzoli slideGallery
317TH JULY 2019Valerio MaioneEU policies in matters of transparency and efficiency of P.A.Maione slideGallery
317TH JULY 2019Valerio MaioneEuropean policies of public financesMaione slideGallery
418TH JULY 2019Mehmed HadzicCivil service organisation, employment of civil servants, rights and obligations of civil servantsHadzic slideGallery
519TH JULY 2019Alessandro MiloneInvestigative techniques and rules of assessment of corruptive phenomenaMilone slideGallery
519TH JULY 2019Alessandro MiloneAdministrative and punitive-administrative measures against corruptionMilone slideGallery
622nd JULY 2019Antonio CilentoContractual autonomy of P.A.Cilento slideGallery
622nd JULY 2019Michelangelo PascaliCrimes against P.A.: criminological aspectsPascali slideGallery
723rd JULY 2019Maria Giovanna ElmoAnticorruption legislation and its impact on public labour relationsElmo slideGallery
723rd JULY 2019Davide De GennaroAnticorruption and organization of public officesde Gennaro slideGallery
824th JULY 2019Dario FranzinP.A. and criminal law: principles and legal assetsGallery
824th JULY 2019Dario FranzinBribery and other crimes against p.a.Franzin slideGallery
925th JULY 2019Haris HalilovicBiH criminal measures against corruptionHalilovic slideGallery
925th JULY 2019Mevludin DžindoPhysionomy and powers of national/local anti-corruption authoritiesDžindo slideGallery
1026th JULY 2019Mirnesa MasicThe main anticorruption tools adopted in BiH in public sector reform policies in the framework of the European pre-accession processGallery