Summer School

The Summer Schools will be held in Sarajevo in July of 2019 and Banja Luka (to be confirmed) in the summer of 2020 These will be open to the participation of at least 15 civil servants of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ex: hospital, school, university, public agencies, etc.) and the intensive course program aims to analyze the essential legal and economic features of the public administrative system in order to broaden the knowledge and preparation of public employees and to improve their competences.
The study program will be structured in several teaching modules. Each module will focus on a specific disciplinary sector in order to help provide each participant with a global and wide-ranging view of his / her role within the public administration to improving the public sector in which he works by adopting lawful, transparent and efficient behavior.
The expected results of the Summer School are to provide participants with useful knowledge to improve the public service provided and strengthen the culture of legality, integrity and transparency in their specific field of work.

The SIACs will be held entirely in English and will be credited to the students following procedures for ascertaining their frequency and assessing the levels of learning achieved during and at the end of the courses.

Travel and accommodation costs are covered for summer school participants who will prove to be residing in municipalities that are distant from those in which the courses will be held and scholarships will be provided for the participants of the Master course that will be selected for their study-stay in Italy. Contributions for course students are guaranteed by the European Commission which funds the SIPPAS Project.

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The deadline to apply for the tendering procedure for summer school “TRANSPARENCY AND LEGALITY OF THE CIVIL SERVANT ACTIVITIES: LEGISLATIVE AND ECONOMIC OUTLINES FROM THE EU-ANTICORRUPTION EXPERIENCES” connected to the EU project “Stabilisation and Integration policies for the BiH Public Administration system (S.I.P.PA.S)” is extended to July 12 at 12:00

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